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What we can do for natural resource owners

As a natural resource owner you have a lot to consider, and whether you are new to the field or have been in it for years, we can help. Backed by industry professionals, we will work with you to develop a customized wealth management strategy that can help you meet your long-term goals.

Cash management
As you are coming into your new wealth, Accurate Solutions Group will work with you to examine your cash-flow needs, pay off current debts and explore the possibility of generating additional wealth through investing.

Tax planning
It's important to remember that your new income from bonus and royalty payments will be eligible for both federal and state taxation, and to consider these implications when signing a lease. As an Accurate Solutions Group client, you can expect us to work closely with you to develop tax minimization strategies to help ensure that your long-term goals are not affected.

Estate planning services
The value of your estate may increase dramatically in the future and it's important to consider what this means for you and the next generation. We are committed to helping you manage your wealth distribution today, as well as plan for tomorrow, and will work to reduce the impact of federal estate and inheritance taxes as you consider your long-term goals.

Wealth management
At Accurate Solutions Group, LLC, we use our knowledge of the industry and understanding of you and your financial goals to develop a wealth management strategy that suits your needs and helps you achieve your desired results.

Natural Resources owners can lay the groundwork for their Financial Future

There are nearly 70 shale plays located throughout North America. Over the past 10 years, technology advances have allowed for efficient and economical natural gas and oil extractions from these plays through the horizontal drilling and hydraulic ”fracking” Because of these advances large quantities of shale gas and oil can now be produced.
But what does this mean for the natural resources owners and businesses? For one thing, it means the decisions they make now will most likely affect the rest of their life. And that’s where Accurate Solutions Group, LLC can help.

What Individuals should consider before signing
When wealth becomes available through leasing agreements with a company interested in subsurface resources, individuals have a variety of issues to consider.

  • Signing bonuses, royalty payments or other aspects of a mineral rights negotiation. Accurate Solutions Group, LLC can help investors examine cash-flow needs, look at paying off current debts or think about pursuing additional wealth through investments.
  • Wealth distribution now and into the future. We can address the immediate needs of family and beneficiaries and work towards improving and investors financial security.
  • Estate planning strategies. Estate value can increase dramatically. Our Financial Team is committed to helping investors manage their wealth distribution today as well as plan for tomorrow, and will work with you to reduce the impact of federal estate and inheritance taxes.
  • Tax planning strategies. Income from bonus and royalty payments is subject to federal and state income taxes. Accurate Solutions Group, LLC can work to develop tax minimization strategies while considering an investor’s long-term goal.

     What companies should consider as they look to the future

  • Businesses, too look to enhance their performance and make the most of financial opportunities whether directly or indirectly involved in the shale industry
  • Asset optimization and energy management. With the Knowledge and access to a vast legal and financial professionals we can work together to help business manage and extract the most value from their energy assets
  • Risk Management. Given the ever-present volatility of the energy markets, risk management is more important than ever. At Accurate Solutions Group, LLC we use various associations to hedge the exposures associated with the fluctuating commodities prices

Accurate Solutions Group, LLC knows Shale.
We are knowledgeable about the issues individuals and businesses face because we a have already served others who have entered into land-leasing agreements with companies interested in drilling for producing natural gas or oil. We are located right here in the heart of the Marcellus shale and we are trained and equipped to help you make the best sound financial decisions. With over 24 years in the financial service field protecting our client’s assets for now, retirement and to their heirs, we can help you too.

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Curt Knotick

CEO/Financial Advisor

Curt D. Knotick is a financial advisor and chief executive officer at Accurate Solutions Group. He has more than 26 years’ experience in the insurance and annuity industry.

Curt has been published or quoted in numerous news outlets, including Fox Business, Advisor One, USA Today, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, KDKA TV, Fiduciary News and Butler County Business Matters. He has been a featured guest on KDKA-TV2.

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